Sonoma County celebrates Wilderness50

Sonoma County celebrates Wilderness50

On January 28 Sierra Club members led by Sonoma Group chair Dan Kerbein and Redwood Chapter outings chair Carol Vellutini accepted a proclamation celebrating the 50th anniversary of the landmark federal Wilderness Act from Supervisor Shirlee Zane (right front). Sonoma County was one of the first local jurisdictions in the United States mark this occasion, with a resolution acknowledging the “50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act, upholding that proud tradition and resolving that future generations will trek forest paths, navigate winding rivers, and scale rocky peaks as visitors to the majesty of our great outdoors.”

After thanking the Board, Kerbein commented on the invaluable recreational opportunities offered by wilderness areas on the North Coast, as well as their important role in preserving wildlife habitat and protecting our watersheds. “The influence of wild places on our lives and our national identity has been profound,” he said. “During this year of celebration let us recommit to preserving them in perpetuity, for the sake of our children, our grandchildren, and all the generations to come.”


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