TPP Town Hall February 11

Ghosts of NAFTA and the Future of Globalization: Learn about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

The most recent Redwood Needles features an article detailing the Club’s concerns about the TPP, a massive international trade deal that some people have called “NAFTA on steroids.” This agreement carries dangerous environmental consequences for the planet and for our own lives, at home and abroad, and to make things even more ominous, its proponents are trying to whisk it into law under special Congressional “fast track” rules that would eliminate the usual opportunities for debate and amendment.

The Sierra Club wants to stand up for balanced and responsible “fair trade” rather than corporate “free trade,” and to support working families, the environment, consumer safety and sustainable development.

So to spread the word about TPP, in collaboration with the North Bay Central Labor Council, Sonoma County Conservation Action, and other local organizations, we are hosting a free public Town Hall meeting in Santa Rosa on Tuesday February 11. The event will be held from 6:45-8:30PM at the Glaser Center Theater, 547 Mendocino Avenue. Please join us!

Congressman Mike Thompson is under tremendous pressure from the White House to facilitate passage of the TPP, and did not join Redwood Chapter Representatives Jared Huffman and John Garamendii when they and 170 other House members sent the President a letter expressing their grave concerns with the TPP “fast-track” process. Congressman Thompson needs our support to withstand this pressure, so please take a moment to call his district office at 707 226-9898 to let him know that you oppose fast-tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

For more information about the February 11 Town Hall please download a flyer or contact Jesse Swanhuyser at 805 689 1469 — and see you there!

Victoria Brandon
Redwood Chapter Chair


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